„Întâia noastră întâlnire”. Tinerii moldoveni şi munteni studenţi la Paris în a doua parte a anilor 1830

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“Our First Meeting”. Young Moldavian and Walacchian Students in Paris in the Second Half of the 1830’s

Autor / Author: Cosmin Mihuț
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2021
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Moldavian and Wallachian students, forty-eighters, personal connections, cultural associations, political friendships, national culture

Rezumat / Summary: The article explores the interactions of Moldavian and Wallachian students in Paris, aiming to explain how the connections created on this occasion contributed to the emergence of a group characterized by ideological and political coherence. In other words, to establish the extent to which the creation of new personal, cultural and political connections facilitated the mutual understanding of the realities from the two Principalities and generated common action plans. The contact with French students, literary and political milieus offered a better understanding on what a national culture meant and inspired them to enter the public space and channel their efforts in defining one for the Principalities. The fraternal solidarity experienced in Paris eased the collaboration and association to common cultural and literary projects, through which they accumulated prestige and notoriety that led, in time, to political legitimacy.

Categorii: XIV/2021

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