O inedită abordare a didascaliilor în Perspective noi în studiul teatrului de Sanda Golopenția

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A New Approach to Blockings in Sanda Golopentia’s Volume Perspective noi în studiul teatrului (New Perspectives in Theatre Studies)

Autoare / Author: Diana Vrabie
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2020
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: French theatre, dramatic text, blockings, lines, character

Rezumat / Summary: Blockings represent the mark of a dramatic text and given their extraordinary evolution in time, in the 20th century they’ve managed to stand for a new type of activity and, at the same time, for an invitation to (re)create the dramatic text. Sanda Golopentia’s latest volume Perspective noi în studiul teatrului (New Perspectives in Theatre Studies) proposes a new definition, classification and description of blockings and their functions as well as of their pragmatic significances. This is accompanied by a historical-pragmatic perspective of the French theatre and also by a thorough research on characters and their lines in a dramatic text. Given its interdisciplinary approach that is supported by great methodological diversity, the uniqueness of this volume stands out and mediates the relation with this complex literary genre, characterized by its double utterance.

Categorii: XIII/2020

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