Istoria incompletă a unui manuscris (Vatican)

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The Incomplete History of a Manuscript (Vatican)

Autor / Author: Anton Adămuț
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2020
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Camil Petrescu, Doctrine of Substance, manuscript, Vatican, philosophy

Rezumat – Summary: The author wrote about this topic in the past, the latest article being published in this very same yearbook. He returned to the same subject enthusiastically, after old, but more careful readings, but also after new readings and new ways of seeing things. He wanted to show, firstly, some data on Camil Petrescuʼs journey to Rome in the fall of 1942, when he deposited in the Vatican a typed version of his manuscript The Doctrine of Substance (there is little data about it in his writings or otherʼs references); secondly, how many manuscripts, typed versions of The Doctrine of Substance can be identified (and at this point the results are satisfactory).

Categorii: XIII/2020

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