Determinarea factorilor de microclimat Palatul de la Ruginoasa

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Establishing the Microclimate Factors The Ruginoasa Palace

Autoare / Author: Elena Maftei
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2019
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Microclimate factors, monitoring, preventive conservation, museum, heritage

Rezumat / Summary: “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Memorial Museum of Ruginoasa is the owner of a heritage containing significant documents and objects, some of them related to the Union of the Principalities of 1859 and others which belonged to the family of prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. The heritage equally includes objects in custody, being therefore extremely diverse and very valuable from an artistic, historical and documentary perspective. It includes books, documents, papers, bills, numismatics-medals, coins, photos, paintings, sculptu-res, tapestries, carpets, silver objects, glass, crystal, porcelain, clocks, mirrors. The most significant part is represented by wooden objects, more precisely furniture. Due to the great variety of objects and materials, the conservation process of the museumʼs heritage requires special attention in order to ensure a stable microclimate for all the morphological types of pieces exhibited or stored. The conservatorʼs permanent and constant task is to monitor the microclimate factors which can directly influence the objectsʼ state of conservation. The interpretation of the resulting data can determine certain measures in order to reduce the rates of chemical processes.

Categorii: XII/2019

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