Restaurarea și conservarea Liturghierului de la București, 1797

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The Restoration and Conservation of the Bucharest Liturgikon, 1797

Autoare / Author: Oana Păcurariu
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2018
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Restoration, old books, restoration methods, restoration case study

Rezumat / Summary: A recently restored work from the collections of the Bucharest National Museum of Romanian Literature, “Ion Minulescu” Memorial House, is the Liturgikon printed in Bucharest, in 1797, in Romanian written with Cyrillic script. The volume presented physico-mechanical and physico-chemical damage. The restoring operations included dry cleaning the volume, numbering the pages, taking apart the volume and producing the mirror of the pages, applying wet treatments, drying the leaves, filling the lacking portions with Japanese paper and veil, cutting the leaves to the format, grouping them into fascicles, and pressing them to the book block. After restoring the book block, the following operations were performed: sewing of the fascicles, lining the spine with cotton cloth and paper, strengthening the cracks with Japanese veil and attaching the restored endpaper to the book body; the restoration of the covers, attaching the boards to the book body, reconstituting the exterior spine and the metal fasteners.

Categorii: XI/2018

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