Viața ieșeană și fațetele marginalității în literatura scriitorilor de la „Viața românească”

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Life in Iași and the Images of Marginality in the Literature of “Viața românească”’s writers

Autoare / Author: Maricica Munteanu
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2018
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Marginality, “style of life”, precariousness, “Viața românească”, Iași

Rezumat / Summary: The present article proposes a reflection on the relation between the forms of life and history, with the aim to set up a particular Moldavian manner of living. The theoretical reference of the study is the concept “style of life” framed by Marielle Macé that defines the way the formal aspects of life which are peripheral and fragile become a differentiated singularity, a manner of being. The writers from “Viața românească” circle, such as Radu Rosetti, Al.O. Teodoreanu, Mihail Sadoveanu, are interested to define a specific style of life that opposes in a creative manner to the forms of the Centre (Bucharest, the modernist canon, the new social structures) by valuing the intimate spaces, the imaginary of the objects, or the marginal practices. At the same time, the discussion on the formalism of life aims to bring forward a way to think the marginality, a critique on the forms of life by considering their ethical engagement, the values they embrace or reject, or the processes in which the forms of life become cultural and aesthetic forms.

Categorii: XI/2018

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