Monumente vrâncene dedicate eroilor din Primul Război Mondial

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Vrancea’s Monuments Celebrating First World War’s Heroes

Autoare / Author: Grina-Mihaela Rafailă
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2018
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Vrancea, mausoleum, statues, troy, heroes

Rezumat / Summary: The country of Vrancea, with its beginnings lost in history’s mist, has been an example of courage and bravery thanks to its people, who in times of difficulty opposed the foreign invaders when they threatened the stateʼs being. From this point of view, a well-known local legend is that in which Tudora Vrancioaia encouraged the ruler Stephan the Great and gave him her seven sons in order to restore his army and fight against the enemy. Over the centuries, the legendary example of heroism, spirit of sacrifice and love for the country manifested again during the First World War, when the inhabitants of Vrancea fought fiercely against the German army and managed to stop their invasion of Vrancea’s lands.

Categorii: XI/2018

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