Aspecte privind restaurarea unor documente-manuscris din secolele XVII-XX

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Aspects Regarding the Restoration of Manuscript Documents from the 17th-20th Centuries

Autoare / Author: Consuela Cioboteanu
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2018
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Manuscript, document, Ceptura, Șt.O. Iosif, restoration

Rezumat / Summary: Bucharest National Museum of Romanian Literature holds a number of manuscript collections, confessions of the ancestors, which can help restore our literary history, historical documents which unveil the writers’ creative process, rare ancient books and periodicals, photos illustrating the Romanian literary history, negatives, and photo-copies. An important place amongst the valuables harbored by the museum is held by manuscripts. This paper presents the stage of preservation, the conclusions of investigation, the stages of restoration and the description of various documents from different centuries, precisely a Ceptura document from the 17th century, an official letter issued by the Cabinet of Bolgradʼs Prefect, addressed to Mr. Kogălniceanu (19th century) and the handwritten letter from the 20th century sent by the Romanian poet Șt.O. Iosif to Natalia Negru.

Categorii: XI/2018

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