Anarhismul în România: istoriile uitate ale unei istorii uitate

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Anarchism in Romania: Forgotten Histories of a Forgotten History

Autor / Author: Adrian Tătăran
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2018
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Anarchism in Romania, anarchist studies, history, culture, literature

Rezumat / Summary: The researches inspired by the anarchist history, thought and practices have been quite rare in Romania, even though anarchism seems to have attracted a growing scholarly interest since the nineties. Moreover, the studies dedicated to the history of Romanian anarchism remain mostly marginal and unknown. Besides a general overview of the peculiarities related to the reception of anarchism in Romania, the article intends to give, first and foremost, a detailed account of all the writings that have directly approached the subject over time. The main purpose of the present study is, thus, a documentary one. Being a part of a broader research aimed at exploring the local anarchist expressions and history, the article also tries to discuss the need for a more comprehensive approach regarding the history of Romanian anarchism, one that would also take into consideration anarchism’s emergence and impact as a cultural phenomenon.

Categorii: XI/2018

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