Valori ale patrimoniului folcloric bucovinean: trompetistul Alexandru Havriliuc

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Bukovina’s Artistic Heritage: Trumpet Player Alexandru Havriliuc

Autoare / Author: Irina Zamfira Dănilă
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2017
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Genuine folklore, Bukovina, 20th century, repertoire, trumpet

Rezumat / Summary: The present paper focuses on the musical activity of the trumpet player Alexandru Havriliuc, one of the interprets with a great contribution to the fame of the “Ciprian Porumbescu” vocal and instrumental ensemble of Suceava in Romania and abroad. Alexandru Havriliuc’s repertoire contains more than 500 instrumental folk melodies (mainly dancing melodies to be performed on special occasions as well as some that were not created for any particular occasion, but also songs to be listened to – doinas) in all the styles specific of the various (sub)regions of Moldavia. Around 200 songs have been recently published in a volume, Doine, melodii de ascultare și jocuri din nordul Moldovei/ Doinas, songs to listen, and dancing melodies of Northern Moldavia (Suceava, 2013). His interpreting style is characterised by masterful instrumental abilities, intonation accuracy, rhythmic and agogic precision, supple ornamental elements which are adequate to each genre, and outstanding expressiveness.

Categorii: X/2017

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