Valorificarea icoanelor prin restaurare. Studii de caz

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The Use of Icons after Restoration. Case studies

Autoare / Author: Daniela Moraru
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2017
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Valorization, conservation-restoration, icons, integrity, exhibition, museum

Rezumat / Summary: The valorization of an artwork is not only a matter of effect but a complex action whose purpose is to highlight the artistic personality while finding new ways of understanding the historical age and the artistic ambiance within which it was created. For artworks, restoration is an effective way put them to use as materials serving art history. Restoration is part of the process of renewal of the works which allows them to serve the museum. We briefly describe the conservation status as well as the restoration interventions applied in the case of two icons. The aim was to preserve the integrity of objects and to restore the original artistic image throughout operations that ensure the permanence of the values that define the works of art in time.

Categorii: X/2017

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