Aspecte privind degradarea suprafețelor cu poleiri metalice – Icoana împărătească Sf. Nicolae pe tron (secolul al XVIII-lea)

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Notes on the Degradation of Metal Polished Surfaces – The Royal Icon of St. Nicholas on the Throne (18th century)

Autoare / Author: Alina Ștefania Buterez
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2017
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Gold, polish, silver, leaf, degradation, corrosion

Rezumat / Summary: Metal leaf is a special material of a different nature unlike the other materials that make up an icon, therefore its conservation and restoration requires additional specialized information. The most important metals used in icons are gold and silver, each having a special significance and transmitting certain meanings and beliefs. Polished surfaces have a very specific way of reacting to deterioration factors, so that any intervention on such a surface requires increased attention and prior research. Metal leaf does not appear as an independent element; it is in a continuous interaction with the other components of the icon influencing and conditioning each other. Restoration interventions have certain peculiarities when applied to surfaces with metallic polish. The restoration methodology must be adjusted to suit the needs of such surfaces. Considering the fact that icon painting techniques in the Romanian Principalities in the second part of the medieval era included the frequent and even expansive use of gold leaf, the research of their degradation becomes extremely important in the restoration process.

Categorii: X/2017

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