Hrana rituală și ceremonială la rușii-lipoveni din nordul Dobrogei

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Ritual and Ceremonial Feasts of the Russian-Lipovans from the North of Dobrogea

Autor / Author: Alexandru Chiselev
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2017
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Feast, dispensation, tradition, sacramental bread

Rezumat / Summary: The Russian-Lipovan cuisine uses a limited number of ingredients. The main cooking items are the products of wheat or wheat flour (bread, cooked, roasted or baked pies, kutea, Liturgical bread), vegetables, especially prepared in the form of soups. The meat is prepared for celebrations or important events in the life cycle. The fish is more consumed, many days of Wednesday and Friday having permission to eat fresh or dry fish. Various dichotomous structures can be decoded in their alimentation like pure-impure, edible-inedible, with oil-without oil, hot dish-cold dish that varies the menus, the ways of cooking and nourishing.

Categorii: X/2017

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