Un mărţişor poetic peste ani de la Traian Chelariu

Publicat de MNLR Iași pe

A Poetic Gift over Years from Traian Chelariu

Autor / Author: Dan Jumară
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2015
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Traian Chelariu, poetry, Bukovina, poem, professor

Rezumat / Summary: Traian Chelariu is the author of a varied and valuable literary work which contains lyrics, prose, theatre, memories a.s.o. He started studying philology, psychology and philosophy at the University of Czernowitz and continued in Rome and Paris. Unfortunately, he was one of the intellectuals from Bukovina who were not sympathized by the Communist regime. Consequently, he had a difficult life. Although a valuable writer, Traian Chelariu didn’t see his whole literary work published; an important part of his work was published after his death. Two poems were discovered in the documentary funds of the National Archives in Iași. The two poems were created for the author’s beloved. They were not published up to now.

Categorii: VIII/2015

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