Semn, semnificație, simbol în tradiția populară (Frăția de cruce, Sărutul păcii, Zile nefaste)

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Sign, Meaning and Symbol in Popular Tradition (Frăția de cruce, Sărutul păcii, Zile nefaste)

Autor / Author: Mircea Coloșenco
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue: 2014
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Sign, meaning, symbol, Freemasonry, semiotics

Rezumat / Summary: The coordinates of popular traditions filtered through sign/ meaning/ symbol are, of course, a lot deeper if we were to go back to prehistoric times. Their idiomatic component is related to the present culture, establishing certain mentality lines in the functioning of a nation’s unitary process: specific biological background, spirit manifested through unique language and confession, and Trinitarian formula that cannot be neglected in any type of synthesis. The myth of usefulness, liberties and history as an outer event are related to the researcher’s style. They are intrinsic and have the clear statute of tolerant principle of perennial wisdom.

Categorii: VII/2014

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