Cărți ale familiei Sturdza în colecțiile Institutului de Cercetări Eco-Muzeale „Gavrilă Simion” Tulcea

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Books from the Sturdza Family in the Collections of “Gavrilă Simion” Eco-Museum Research Institute of Tulcea

Autoare / Author: Lăcrămioara Manea
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue: 2014
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Sturdza family, ex libris, Miclăușeni, Bibliotheca Sceensis, Dimitrie A. Sturdza

Rezumat / Summary: The collections of the “Gavrilă Simion” Eco-Museum Research Institute of Tulcea include 30 volumes that belonged to the Sturdza family, most of them being Romanian books printed after 1830. The volumes were transferred from the Romanian Academy Library in 1978 and the majority of them bear the stamp or the heraldic ex libris of three great scholars of this famous boyar family: steward Constantin Dimitrie Sturdza, Dimitrie C. Sturdza-Scheianul the Son and Dimitrie Alexandru Sturdza. This kind of research allows us the de facto reconstruction, even if only partly, of the lost Sturdza libraries and provides information on their primary or secondary original owners (people, other libraries). At the same time, this study represents a tribute to the academician Dimitrie A. Sturdza, at the celebration of 100 years from the death of he who was an important political and cultural figure but also a great collector.

Categorii: VII/2014

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