Lʼincommode statut du traducteur de langues rares

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The Uncomfortable Status of Translators of Rare Languages

Autoare / Author: Florica Ciodaru-Courriol
Limba / Language: French
Număr / Issue: 2014
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Romanian writers, French editors, Romanian language, translators of rare languages, Romanian literature

Rezumat / Summary: Written in a language with the statute of a rare language, Romanian literature is, from the start, dependent of translations. The translator is involved in transmitting cultural information and so he/ she becomes a key actor for the cultural life; he/ she results a compulsory connection element between the Romanian writer and the French editor (the case we refer to). Hence, he/ she needs to be a keen observer of what the target lecturers expect and he/she must be very well familiarized with the editorial market from the country where he/she intends to introduce an author or a piece of writing.

Categorii: VII/2014

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