Valori ale patrimoniului muzical folcloric bucovinean: fluieraşul Liviu Ţaran

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Values of Folk Music Patrimony in Bucovina: the Flute Singer Liviu Țaran

Autoare / Author: Irina Zamfira Dănilă
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2016
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Folk musician, Liviu Țaran, shepherd’s pipe without a stop, Fundu Moldovei village, genuine folklore

Rezumat / Summary: The present paper presents the portrait of Liviu Țaran (b. 1961), an important folk musician from Fundu Moldovei village, Suceava county, an area of important and rich folk tradition. He is the grandson of a virtuoso shepherd’s pipe player, Ilie Cazacu (1903-1979), who, in turn, was trained by the famous violinist Sidor Andronicescu (1899-1981); they both lived in the same village. For almost 70 years, the latter was the conductor of the most famous folk music band in the area. Liviu Țaran learnt how to play the shepherd’s pipe from his grandfather, Ilie Cazacu, whose entire repertoire he took and which he masterfully performs, with a skill which is comparable to his grandfather’s. Liviu Țăran’s repertoire consists of old, genuine folk melodies, dance tunes for certain occasions or casual, ‟doina” songs, as well as shepherds’ tunes. The virtuoso is a member of an amateurs’ ensemble named ‟Arcanul”, established in the 70’s in Fundu Moldovei village. The ensemble is still active in performances at home and abroad and promotes genuine folk songs and dance music from Bukowina. To briefly illustrate Liviu Țaran’s repertoire, we added two sample songs in musical notation. Ilie Cazacu’s and Liviu Țaran’s extensive musical activity, as well as their impressive repertoire, are undoubtedly invaluable treasures of the national folklore heritage from Bukowina; they set an example to be followed by the present-day and next generations of performers.

Categorii: IX/2016

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