Consideraţii privind evidenţa publicului vizitator în instituţiile muzeale din Republica Moldova

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Notes regarding Public Visitor records in Moldova Museums

Autoare / Author: Elena Ploșniță
Limba / Language: Romanian
Număr / Issue2016
Cuvinte cheie / Keywords: Museum public, visitor, museum audience, customer/consumer, public evidence

Rezumat / Summary: The author tries to establish the kind of public visiting the museums and the criteria for registering visitors. In the Moldavian museology, as in the European museology, more criteria are used when it comes to those that pass the threshold of the Museum. Museology highlights the most common characteristics like: museum visitor, museum spectator, museum public, museum audience, customer/ consumer. The number of visitors in a museum always constituted a proof for the society’s interest towards museums. Today, more than ever, museums exist for the public and the activity and efficiency of a museum is determined the by the number of visitors too. Visitor typology changes ceaselessly and it is necessary to take this into account when we draw the evidence of the museum public.

Categorii: IX/2016

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